Stay Healthy Knoxville Podcast with Carrie Wagner

  I was recently featured on the “Stay Healthy Knoxville Podcast” hosted by Dr. John-Mark Chesney. I had an opportunity to talk about how you can improve your health with reflexology, thermography, and detoxification. I also tell the story of how I got into the field of holistic medicine and reflexology. I’d love for you… Read more »

Reflexology: Benefits and Limitations by Mayur Barot

Mayur Barot, RCR and Acupressure Therapist Since March 2019 I joined Knoxville Reflexology Group, Inc. (KRG, Inc.) and have loved working with many types of clients who have various health challenges. I grew up in India working over 20 years in yogic science since 1997. The Whole-Body Reflexology & Acupressure treatment I do brings relaxation… Read more »

Heart Health with Carrie Wagner

Carrie Wagner here, coming to you in my very first blog! Since heart disease is still the #1 health concern in America, I thought I would start off by sharing some health tips that you can do daily for better heart health: 1. With your Right Index Finger, find your Heart Reflex on your Left… Read more »

Vaccines – Do you know the truth?

Have you done your research? You’ll definitely want to after seeing this article on Natural News!   (Natural News) The World Health Organization, a criminal cartel front for the vaccine industry, has just declared war on the so-called “anti-vax” movement. The W.H.O. is the same group that spiked vaccines given to women in… Read more »

Pet Reflexology

Hello fellow reflexology lovers! Have you ever thought about sharing the benefits of reflexology with your pets? Our loving animals deserve great health, just like their owners. Interestingly enough – the theory behind this article links your pets health to your very own. We would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments… Read more »

The Study of Heat

Have you gotten your thermogram yet at Knoxville Reflexology? This simple, non-invasive procedure could save your life. We found an informative article online and wanted to share it with you to expand your knowledge about thermology. Read up and call us to schedule your appointment! Measuring temperature differences was fundamentally important to the Greek physician,… Read more »

PEMF – Cancer Killer

Hey Y’all, Emily here from the Knoxville Reflexology team! Carrie came across this article from Natural News and we want to share the valuable information with everyone we possibly can. If you’re already an established client with Carrie, chances are you’ve probably gotten a PEMF treatment. It pairs perfectly with reflexology and is a no-brainer while… Read more »